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Who's going to be the first to have their "The Big Lebowski" wedding here at Mel's? #BowlingWedding... http://t.co/h3BetoZjX3
It's voting time for #BestOfGeorgetown. Vote Mel's & CJ's for family fun that'll bowl you over!!!... http://t.co/cMoUoF33ju
It's David and Doug's birthday! Happy birthday guys! http://t.co/w8yT4ofmpy
Ok. $5 all you can bowl tonight at 8pm. (Plus shoes.) http://t.co/AXXzhW7m9t
Today's fun day drink special: strawberry piƱa colada $3. #drinkspecial http://t.co/C8SmeLdEXN
Who has ordered their iPhone 6? #iPhone #OnceYouGoMacYouNeverGoBack http://t.co/VT4oWdxfxh