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Happy Birthday Dot!!! (Doesn't she look like the race car from Mario Cart?) http://t.co/WIcHlkoJwp
GOOD NEWS: #Karaoke is going to continue! It's Wild Wednesdays with Wes. http://t.co/aAND3Gi7zR
When in doubt, go to the grandparents. http://t.co/tiZuMlKLqJ
It's Burger Taste Testing Time! #Hamburger #BunPun http://t.co/nsI206CcXv
How many squares are there? http://t.co/rUAUqTsYor
@Strong_TexasFB heard u like 2 go bowling post spring training. We will be happy to host @TexasFB #texasfans Bowling is made 4football plyrs